Arthur Benjamin

Human Soldier, Major


(Human Soldier)
STR 12
DEX 16
CON 12
INT 11
WIS 13
CHA 10

Adrenaline Rush
Ballistic Blades


Heavy Armor


Major Arthur Benjamin rarely talks about his history. What his official dossier reflects is that he is an Australian citizen, twenty-eight years of age, who enlisted in the Alliance marines at twenty-one. He lists Cecilia Montague as his next of kin; relationship, “teacher.” The recruiters thought this was odd, but said nothing. People Benjamin has served with have speculated that he is a criminal running from the law, or even that “Arthur Benjamin” isn’t a real person. The only person they found under that name from Australia in extranet searches couldn’t possibly be him.

It is, of course. Before enlisting, Arthur Benjamin was the son of a member of the Australian Senate. Not interested in politics himself, he was a virtuoso piano player and showed interest in musical composing. Cecilia Montague is in fact his teacher, the last person he studied with at conservatory at the University of Newcastle. Although Benjamin enjoyed his studies, his parents consistently pressured him to pursue more and more intense training, wanting him to excel. Ironically, it was Professor Montague who convinced him that it was all right if music wasn’t his future, or if it needed to wait awhile.

When Benjamin heard of the Skyllian Blitz, he didn’t tell his mother or anyone else except Professor Montague—-he was going to enlist. He was fit enough, although he’d never held an assault rifle. He joined the Alliance Marines and soon excelled at basic training. He hasn’t been back to Earth since. During the Skyllian Blitz he distinguished himself by stealing a small Batarian corvette and piloting it in combat against a Batarian harassment force that was attacking a civilian transport. This incident attracted the interest of the Spectres.

Arthur Benjamin

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