Cora Danvers

Human Vanguard, Lieutenant Commander


Lt. Cmd. Cora Danvers, Human Vanguard
Alignment: Renegade 2

Str 15 (+ 1) (+ 5% XP)
Dex 9
Con 9
Int 10
Wis 7 (-1)
Cha 13 (+ 1)

Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Charm, Insight, Intimidate

Biotic Charge

Omni-Claw (1d8), Medium Armor ( +4 AC, N7 Armor + 1 HP), M-3 Predator (1d4 +1 dmg, Clip 10, C/S/M)


Appearance and Demeanor:
Tall, stocky, and imposing, and very happy about it. Her hair is dark blue from dye or genetic mutation. Her eyes light up excitedly when she’s about to hit someone, or wants them to think she is.

She’s from Earth, and was introduced to mixed martial arts by her mother. She eventually joined her father’s footsteps and joined the military, and took it as her due when her combat skills and sheer toughness earned her a shot at becoming a Spectre.

Cora Danvers

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