Maksem Kaiser

Human Sentinel, Major


Human Sentinel
Alignment: Renegade +2

Str 14 (+ 1)
Dex 15 (+ 1)
Con 16 (+ 1) [+ 5% XP]
Int 8 (-1)
Wis 14 (+ 1) [+ 5% XP]
Cha 11 ( 0)

Tech Armor, Throw

Intimidate, Athletics, Acrobatics, Perception, Stealth

Weapon Proficiencies:
Heavy Pistol, SMG, Sniper Rifle

5 Credits
M-3 Predator – 1d4+1 damage, clip 10, C/S/M range
M-97 Viper – 1d6+1 damage, clip 4, M/L range
Medium N7 Armor – +4 AC, +1 HP/level


Maksem Kaiser was born in 2156 on a remote human colony which was one of many exposed to Element Zero, causing children born afterward to have a biotic affinity. These abilities didn’t truly manifest until Maks was sixteen, at which time he was fitted with the new L3 implants. As he came of age, he became more and more restless – as if he had a yearning to fight in his blood. In 2174, he enlisted in the Systems Alliance as a sniper/biotics specialist.
Kaiser trained hard and worked his way through the special forces program, earning the N7 badge in just three years. Two years later, not long after the Torfan Offensive, Kaiser learned of a plot by Batarian extremists to retaliate against the Alliance by bombing Arcturus Station. With Hackett’s approval, he ventured on a covert solo mission to prevent the attack.
Through some combination of luck and skill, Kaiser managed to cause the bomb to prematurely detonate en route to the station, killing hundreds of terrorists in the blast. Barely escaping intact, he earned the respect and commendation of the Citadel Council. Five years afterward, he recieved an invitation to join the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance candidacy roster.

M. kaiser

Maksem Kaiser

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